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Experience a new level of financial clarity and control. Automate your EU bank account data, perform advanced cash flow analysis, manage projects, and much more. All in one simple, secure, and web-accessible platform.

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Effortless EU Bank Account Integration

Simplify your life with FINEX's effortless EU bank account integration. Connect your accounts and let the automatic data export take over, putting an end to tedious manual data entry. Streamline your financial management experience like never before.
  • One-click bank account integration
  • Automatic data import
  • Automatic categorization of transactions

Advanced Cash Flow Analysis

Enhance your investment insight with advanced cash flow analysis. Ideal for property owners or long-term investors, this feature allows you to consolidate income and expenses, making financial performance assessments a breeze.
  • Grouping of transactions
  • Calculation of financial results
  • Estimation of the final value of assets and liabilities

Project-Based Financial Management

Manage your finances project by project with our innovative feature, 'Projects'. Each project stays separate, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time, with the added ability to collaborate with others.
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Family budget and/or Small business management

Comprehensive Financial Overview

Get a panoramic view of your financial landscape. Consolidate and view all your accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments in one place, providing you with an all-encompassing financial snapshot.
  • Consolidated view of all accounts
  • Right decisions at the right time

Proactive Financial Planning

Future-proof your finances with our proactive financial planning tools. Estimate future funds, create and manage transactions, and enhance your budgeting and goal-setting strategies.
  • Recurring and one-time transactions
  • Forecasting of future funds

Detailed Transaction Tracking

Get in-depth with your financial tracking using our directory of counterparties, multi-level categories, and tags. Organize your expenses, track transactions, and add detailed notes, all tailored to your needs.
  • Multi-level categories
  • Tags and notes
  • Directory of counterparties

Multiple Users

Collaborate and manage finances with other family members or trusted individuals. Grant viewing and/or editing access to specific accounts or projects within your account to other users.
  • Shared access to accounts and projects
  • Different levels of access
  • Control over access rights

Multi-Currency Support

Navigate global finances with our multi-currency support, accommodating traditional fiat, crypto, shares, and more. Seamlessly switch between currencies and get a comprehensive view of your financial situation.
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Automatic conversion of currencies
  • Calculation of the total value of assets

Budgeting Simplicity

Take control of your finances with our easy-to-use budgeting tools. Set personalized spending limits, track your expenses, and adjust your budgets in real-time.
  • Personalized spending limits
  • Tracking of expenses

Secure Data Protection

Trust in our commitment to your financial data's security. With robust security measures, your information remains private, encrypted, and securely stored.
  • Modern security technologies
  • Regular security checks

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